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In A Nutshell

“Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.” – Arundhati Roy.

Welcome to “In A Nutshell” – your shortcut to grasp the essence of this website. If time is short or you prefer a condensed version, this page is for you. But if you find that you want to learn more, click on the link in the text to delve deeper into each category.

GUIDANCE – How I can support you and with whom I work

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    How I can support you:

    * Coaching
    * Mentoring
    * Consulting
    * Conflict Resolution/Mediation

    * and in any other ways that suit your situation.


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    Who I work with:

    * Individuals
    * Teams
    * Organizations
    * Everyone who is interested in a more beautiful world that our hearts know is possible.

    For more information go to GUIDING.

SHARING – My Work as Teacher/Lecturer and Facilitator

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    What I do:
    Teaching and lecturing on topics that I’m well experienced in, that excite me and make a difference.

    As well as Sharing the wisdom and knowledge that comes through me,
    when I’m in the teacher seat – serving as channel.

    If you think I would be the right person to speak/teach/lecture/to interview, about a certain topic you are interested in or working with – please reach out.

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    Examples of topics I’ve taught:
    * Spirituality in Business,
    * Somatic Intelligence,
    * Sacred Activism,
    * Energetic Psychology,
    * Living Your Purpose.
    * “……” this is for you to fill in the dots.

    For more information go to SHARING.


SENSING – Sensing The Essence Institute for Facilitation

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    The Institute for Facilitation, SENSING THE ESSENCE, is a collaborative venture co-founded in 2018 by my wonderful colleague Heiner Diepenhorst and myself, in the vibrant city of Berlin.

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    At the heart of our institute lies a commitment to pioneering a new approach to economy and collaboration in the business world, commonly referred to as New Work.

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    Embracing a holistic, radically open methodology, we navigate the uncharted territories of co-creative collaboration, fostering authenticity, confidence, attentiveness, and love in addressing the inherent uncertainties within ourselves and the teams we support.

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    If you want to learn more, are interested in our facilitator program or other trainings and workshops, please go to SENSING.

CALLING – “The Gathering” A Global Movement

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    “The Gathering” had it’s beginning in January 2023 and came to this world as a calling I had in a mediation. Inviting an international group of people to a new format of meeting, that forgoes the ego, that creates a courageous space for birthing a new paradigm of gatherings. Purposeful and intentional, but without a specific purpose or intention. Without any agenda or goal. Participants won’t know who else will be there or what they will do during this five-day gathering.

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    Required: openness for magic, willingness to face not-knowing, surrender, ability to listen deeply and to embrace stillness as well as courage to walk that less traveled path. The first Gathering happened in August 2023 when a group of people from all over the world gathered in Europe. Each of them departed, with a newfound sense of purpose and transformed at a profound level. And this was just the beginning.
    If you feel intrigued, want to learn more or would like to be part of this movement, reach out or go to CALLING. (and soon to our website:


Somatic Intelligence

2,5 Day Workshop in Berlin.

Bring about profound change through body awareness and presence.

The training is aimed at coaches, facilitators, consultants, trainers and anyone who works with people.

Read more >

My Qualifications & Expertise

* Integral Facilitator | Ten Directions – Canada
* Business + Life Coach | CAB – Berlin
* Conflict Resolution | D. Hamilton – USA
* Leading from the Future |Findhorn – Scotland
* Business Consultant | A New Economy
* Transparent Communication | Thomas Hübl
* Conscious Activism Teacher | OTM – USA
* Karate Black Belt | Shotokan Karate USA
* Yoga Teacher | Sivananda Ashram – Bahamas
* 25 years of supporting people one-on-one
* 20 years of teaching/lecturing
* 20 years of facilitating group processes
* Co-Founder + CEO of SENSING THE ESSENCE Institute for Facilitation | Berlin

* Body Centered Therapies:
– Energetic Psychology – Somatic Experiencing – Energy Work – Cranio Sacral – Polarity Therapy – Core Integration – Emotional Release Work – Shiatsu and more… |  USA
* Several years of project management in the film and advertisement industry
* Business Correspondent | English Institute – Heidelberg
* Small business entrepreneur (artist supply)

10 years of living, studying and working in the USA + New Zealand, as well as extensive trips to India and other countries to practice and explore various spiritual traditions and ancient wisdom teachings.

Start THE Journey

If you feel like I can support you, your team, or organization, in any way — be it through the avenues mentioned or beyond — please don’t hesitate to get in touch. And if you’re interested in partnering with me for a cause that aims to create a more beautiful, just, and fulfilling existence for all, please inquire and know that I’m here as your ally, ready to share my skills and gifts wholeheartedly – if it works for both of us.


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