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Somatic Intelligence

2,5 Day Seminar

Somatic Intelligence

2,5 Day Seminar

Bring about profound change through body awareness and presence.
In this two-day training course, you will learn how you can use the intelligence of the body in your coaching, counseling, training or all forms of process support for the benefit of people.

There are also very valuable personal impulses for you, e.g. how your own body awareness during coaching sessions etc. can give you important tips that will help you to accompany processes more clearly, calmly and safely. You will find it easier to free yourself from limiting patterns in order to carry out your work even more effectively and generally go through life more easily.


The training is aimed at coaches, facilitators, consultants, trainers, therapists and anyone who works with people.



  • Theory about the processes in the body in the most diverse situations in life and the basic feelings such as joy, fear, shame, anger, sadness from neurobiology.
  • Your own body as a place of perception and wisdom: perceiving the outside inside, holding impressions, addressing impulses and working with them
  • Working with feelings (your own and those of others)
  • Recognizing shadows (What I cannot support within myself, I cannot support on the outside. Where do I get tired? What energizes me?)
  • Embodiment: Which strengths would I like to have?
  • Learning from yoga and martial arts – applying energetic principles and awareness of posture
  • Self-care: Cultivating your own stability in chaotic situations
  • Language of transparent (deeply perceptive) communication according to Thomas Hübl
  • Body awareness as an “intervention” in coaching, teaching, counseling or talk therapy.
  • Theory and practice, also using case studies or examples from your own experience, will alternate throughout the day.
  • There will also be plenty of room for questions from your work or personal experience, which I will be happy to answer.


Dates and Modalities

The training lasts 2,5 days.

First day 2 – 6 pm
Second day 10 am – 6 pm
Third day 10 am – 5 pm

Date: TBA ( late European Summer)

* The Zukunfts-LAB  in Berlin
* Campus am See at the Lake Ammersee in Bavaria


  • 890 € plus VAT for organizations.
  • 550 € plus VAT for self-payers
  • Repeaters and participants of the Sensing The Essence training pay 450 € plus VAT.
  • Discounts for NGOs and participants in special circumstances are available on request.
  • The price includes organic snacks and drinks

Participants: Minimum 12, maximum 18



If you are interested, want more information or have any other questions, please