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“Let the beauty we love be what we do. There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.” – Rumi

What I do:
Supporting and guiding individuals, teams and
organizations towards a more beautiful world that
our hearts know is possible.

An unconventional “Offer”

In these unusual times, genuinely new means and ways are necessary.

Let’s venture down the less-traveled path, with no clear idea maybe not even a clear goal in mind, no best practices and ready made tools, but the willingness and openess to be with not-knowing and the unknown. Co-creating something new and uniquely aligned with your needs, life or business situation. You can rely on my gifts, skills and 25 years of experience in guiding people from all walks of life. My deep intuition, ability to see the unseen, my connection to the more invisible realms, practical and earthed spirituality, powerful sensitivity and strong ability to hold space along with all that you bring to our time together, will let us easily step into the not yet known. Creating a field where the best solutions, new paths and genuine innovative ideas can emerge.

Together, we’ll navigate this journey in the perfect way – for you. And if I’m not the one to help directly, I may well be able to connect you with others I trust who can.
If what I have to offer resonates with you, or if you only have a vague feeling to reach out, not even knowing why, your decision to contact me is all that’s needed. Well, maybe also a bit of courage and commitment to bring more consciousness to this beautiful planet.
And I promise this journey will be joyful, sacred and effective and yes, maybe challenging as well, but not serious – even though it might bring about serious change – if you want to.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Examples of How I can Serve

in the words of people I’ve supported


Trusted Advisor/Coach/Mentor:

With her unique ability to perceive the unseen and precisely address the root causes of difficulties on all levels of systems, Gabriella has been a pillar and light for those seeking clarity, inspiration and solutions around the globe.


With a compassionate heart, and an innate ability to detect the core issue of any conflict Gabriella creates a space for transformative communication. Her approach, rooted in empathy and wisdom, fosters resolutions that not only mend differences but also pave the way for newfound understanding and unity.


Gabriella’s creativity knows no bounds in her work, where she seamlessly blends her gifts, skills, and channeled wisdom. She navigates diverse realms, offering deep knowledge, inspiration and innovative solutions tailored uniquely to each situation.

Gabriella means a lot to me! She is a very special facilitator for all kind of deeper personal processes for individuals, partners or groups and teams. Her superpower ist her sensitivity paired with a strong grounding. A very big heart combined with a very smart mind.
Be aware she will truly see you but also will guide you to find light you might never have seen before.

Rönke von der Heide
Creative Consultant | Hamburg

Gabriella has all of the qualities that I seek for in a transformational coach, consultant and facilitator. I love her depth of insight, her wholistic framework and global view of the world.
I admire her tenacity, her compassion and her wisdom. Gabriella lives her message and her life is an expression of the work she has done to bring light and wisdom to the world.

Mary Dwyer
CEO, Founding Director: Impact Solutions International Pty Ltd | Tasmania/Australia

Inspiration and challenge spiced with humor and life insights make her sessions special.
Working with her is characterized by great knowledge, deep spirituality and an incredibly humorous lightness.
I wish many people the opportunity to work with Gabriella as a coach or mentor!

Cary Buraty
Founder and CEO The Change Collective and Campus am See | Munich

The Skills + Gifts I Rely on When I Work With You

Which is also my Way of Being

Channel of Wisdom:

Decades of spiritual inquiry and practices opened a channel in me, that now serves as a bridge between realms, tapping into ancient wisdom to guide others on their paths.

Seer and Visionary:

Beyond the obvious and visible, I see behind the veil and envision possibilities and potential, helping you see the threads that weave your destiny.

Vessel of Healing:

My own healing journey let my compassionate heart grow and refine my skills in healing not just wounds of the body but nurturing the soul, fostering growth and well-being.

Highly Sensitive, Intuitve Empath:

Sensing the emotions and energy fields of others, intuitively knowing what wants to surface, I offer a non-judgemental space for vulnerability and understanding.

Clear Mind:

To fully understand the whys and hows in life and my interest in all wonders of the world lead me to study relentlessly. Which sharpened my mind that is now in service to connect the dots to help you navigate the intricate tapestry of life.

Humorous Being

I approach life with a sense of humor and lightness, helping you face even deep lessons and challenges with some lightness and a sense of confidence. Playfully taking the next steps.

Start THE Journey

Are you feeling stuck or seeking a greater purpose beyond the ordinary? Whether you’re an individual navigating personal challenges or an organization striving to align with a higher calling, I’m here to support you. Let’s embark on a journey together, not just for personal growth, but to create positive change that resonates beyond ourselves. Reach out, and let’s co-create a brighter future, one step at a time.”


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