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The only tyrant I accept in this world is the ‘still small voice’ within me. – Mahatma Gandhi –

The Gathering

A Global Movement

In January 2023, during my 15-month sabbatical in New Zealand, a profound revelation occurred in the midst of my morning meditation. It was a resounding “Calling” that struck me with clarity and purpose.

The Calling urged me to invite a group of extraordinary women from across the globe to come together. These women, each possessing their unique wisdom, power, and roles as wisdom keepers, leaders, activists, artists, and visionaries, varied in my familiarity with them. Some were close friends, some mere acquaintances, and others total strangers. The purpose was to convene at a mysterious gathering in Europe during the summer of 2023.

This revelation wasn’t of my own making. It led me far beyond my comfort zone, and my initial response wasn’t one of enthusiasm. However, the Calling’s persistence was undeniable. It continued to beckon until I finally yielded and extended invitations to these remarkable women.

The choice of who to invite wasn’t mine either; the names appeared to me as if delivered by some higher force. I merely transcribed them and obediently followed the guidance, fully aware that I was merely an instrument, a conduit for a purpose that sought to manifest through me.

Thus began The Gathering…

The Invitation

and the Magic of The Gathering

How do you bring together people who don’t know each other, the other participants, the goal, task, agenda, or what to expect from the experience? What would be the response to such a vague Calling once invitations were extended?

It turns out, the response was beyond what I could have imagined!

Those who were invited all experienced their own Calling in this, rooted in sacredness, intrigue, and openness. Participants agreed to come and invest their time, energy, and money to answer the Calling of their hearts.

This is all that was needed. No other justification – only an invitation by a strong calling.

The only requirements were to trust in their intuition, the courage to step into a field of not-knowing, an openness to what they will encounter and a deep curiosity to explore and co-create.
No more – no less.

“When we fully open up, allow the “not-knowing”, listen to our soul’s voice and step into that courageous space – magic happens” – GvK

Mirror Worlds

Occasionally, the curtain of the ordinary parts, and we touch the miraculous – a mirror world, enriching our own with wonder and luminosity.
It can’t be willed, but a willingness of two things is required:
total wakefulness to reality and total openness to possibility.
Stephen Busby

The Inaugural Gathering

and how it unfolded…

Fast forward to August 2023, six months after extending the invitations, this group of remarkable women converged at The Gathering. The venue was Gutshaus Zarchlin, a picturesque old manor in the northern part of Germany. They hailed from various corners of the world, including New Zealand, the USA, different parts of Europe, and South Africa.

The Gathering commenced, and it surpassed all we could have thought of or imagined, radiating a sense of magic and immense power. Right from the outset, the group exhibited remarkable openness, courage, and curiosity, unlike anything I had witnessed before.

We delved deep, convened in council, shared hearty laughter, shed tears, bore witness to one another’s experiences, and joyously co-created. All this, and the “things” that happened in the not so visible realms was leaving us with a renewed sense of purpose and an intensified awareness of unified consciousness.

Each of us departed, transformed at a profound level, with a commitment to creating space for others to join us on this journey. And this was only the beginning. The power of having no agenda, of relinquishing the need for plans or goals, and instead embracing the vast stillness within, deep listening, allowing and receiving what emerges, to then consciously respond to it, is the basis for miracles to happen.

I am profoundly grateful for this extraordinary experience, reaffirming the importance of heeding a deep inner Calling. May the seeds sown in the powerful energy of The Gathering flourish, work their magic and contribute to the realization of “a more beautiful world that our hearts know is possible.”

Guidlines to Magic

Letting Go

Let go of the notion of expecting Magic to happen and any plan of creating it.


Allow magic to BE part of your life. Be receptive for it and don’t rationalize, don’t talk it down or analyze it.


Be still and enter silence as often as possible. Stay there even if it feels uncomfortable. Stay a bit longer and become aware of what arises.


Surrender to a state of not-knowing, giving up the urge to sense making, instead be fully present

Be in Awe

Be in awe about life, the wonder of this planet and universe and the wonderful being you are.


Be open for whatever course life might take and open for possibilities, follow the wisdom within yourself wholeheartedly and committed.

Future Gatherings

Perhaps you feel intrigued to explore further. You will find more information on the upcoming The Gathering website. In the mean time contact me if you feel a Calling to invite your own Gathering. We thought it would be of service to put some guidelines that could help you in initiating one, which I will happily share with you.

This is in service of a movement that wants to emerge. This is not about making money or doing some sort of business. This is about some more mystical and higher purpose.
To truly bring a format into this world, that forgoes the ego, that creates a courageous space for birthing a new paradigm of gatherings. Purposeful and intentional, but without a specific purpose or intention. The magic lies in this paradox.

In the letting go of all we want to know, direct, facilitate, lead, show, create, etc. and in the “nothingness”, the surrender, the stillness, the receiving, and simply allowing lies the magic.