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A Visionary Soul

“They see far beyond the present to a future that has yet to be created. For them, in a sense, that future already exists because their awareness is illuminated by inspiring and compelling images of the possible.”

– Andrew Cohen

Gabriella von Kruse

Spirit | Presence | Love

Welcome to my digital world, a space not bound by conventional business norms but crafted for you to acquaint yourself with who I am. I invite you to explore and see/feel if you  resonate with the words, stories, ideas and imagery that grace these pages and also what you experience inside of yourself while letting this all in – this might be the most important part in getting to know me, since we are more than our five senses.

In a world brimming with possibilities, my heart beats in harmony with the knowing that a more beautiful existence is possible. If your heart too harbors this knowing, even just as a whisper of hope, then consider me your ally in all endeavors.

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing,
There is a field.
I’ll meet you there… – Rumi –

With over 25 years of dedicated experience in the art of facilitation, guidance, mentorship and conflict resolution, I offer you or your team and organization the culmination of my life’s journey and adventures. Let my gifts, honed skills, and unorthodox path through existence serve as beacons lighting your or your company’s own unique path.

Are you courageous, curious, and open for a genuine shift? Do you wish to embark on a journey to a more beautiful world that your heart knows is possible and raise consciousness on this wonderful planet in your very unique way?

Please reach out. May the impulse be only vague, trust that small voice and let’s explore how I might positively contribute to your life and world.
I look forward to meeting you.

If you don’t have the time to delve deeper into each category (offer) by clicking on the pictures above, but simply want to grasp the essence of this website – you’ll find a summary of all the information here:
In a Nutshell

Gabriella has this rare gift of seeing immediately beyond the surface, getting to the heart of a matter very quickly. And she meets whatever she finds with loving kindness. What an extraordinary privilege to be in her presence.

Insa Klasing
CEO + Co-Founder The Next We | Berlin

I had the great pleasure to work with Gabriella. It was a unique experience, a holistic approach on body, mind & soul. Her authentic presence, sensitivity and intuition allows her to see the whole person and to unlock the energy flow at deeper levels of personality.
This experience was impactful, touching and initiated a pivotal change. I learned to understand myself on a much deeper level and benefited in both personal and professional relations.

Peter Albiez
Former Country Manager Pfizer Germany

“When you work with Gabriella, it’s like learning to see in another dimension – a leap that enriches your abilities in a profound and lasting way.”

Dr. Ignas Bruder
Assistant Professor of Strategy and Business Ethics at TU Dresden | Germany

Guiding Principles

That Can Support You Navigating Through Life

Wild Beauty

Nature and Beauty serve as portals to higher consciousness, offering a sanctuary of sanity and deep connection. Let yourself be deeply touched by it and and become one with wonder.

Fierce Grace

Fiercely surrender your limiting beliefs and fears to something bigger than yourself. Turning to Spirit diminishes our ego and opens us up for the experience of deep purpose and Grace.

Courageous Space

Create a space where you can lean into the unknown + the not-knowing with openness and curiosity – and miracles will happen. Courage means the capacity of our hearts to feel.

Presencing Essence

Release yourself to the power of the present moment, which is deeper than what is happening in the Now, you will experience the essence of all that is – and you’ll receive the emerging future.

Nourishing Stillness

Pause. Breathe. Rest. Be still. Discover the vast possibilities as well as joy, love and peace that await you in this stillness. Let your way of being inform your doing.

Humorous Playfulness

Approach life with humor and playfulness, that opens the channel for joy and creativity. A lightness will surround you – sacred but not serious.

About Gabriella

Growing up being highly sensitive, empathetic, and intuitive, I found humans both fascinating and intimidating. Despite early struggles with life and addictions, my love for life, people and the world won. Nature as my sanctuary and my earthed spirituality supported me on my healing journey, studying various human-focused disciplines like coaching, body therapy, energy + trauma work and more. My explorations took me to the US, New Zealand, and India, where I lived, studied and worked for almost a decade, exploring both the outer and my inner world. Becoming a black belt in Karate helped me find my voice and stand tall in who I am. Becoming a yoga and meditation teacher helped me expand my compassion and the peace within. All the above contributed to a wide knowledge and understanding that I’ve been sharing in my work for over 25 years now.

Qualifications & Expertise

* Integral Facilitator | Ten Directions – Canada
* Business + Life Coach | CAB – Berlin
* Conflict Resolution | D. Hamilton – USA
* Leading from the Future |Findhorn – Scotland
* Business Consultant | A New Economy
* Transparent Communication | Thomas Hübl
* Conscious Activism Teacher | OTM – USA
* Karate Black Belt | Shotokan Karate USA
* Yoga Teacher | Sivananda Ashram – Bahamas
* 25 years of supporting people one-on-one
* 20 years of teaching/lecturing
* 20 years of facilitating group processes
* Co-Founder + CEO of SENSING THE ESSENCE Institute for Facilitation | Berlin

* Body Centered Therapies:
– Energetic Psychology – Somatic Experiencing – Energy Work – Cranio Sacral – Polarity Therapy – Core Integration – Emotional Release Work – Shiatsu and more… |  USA
* Several years of project management in the film and advertisement industry
* Business Correspondent | English Institute – Heidelberg
* Training as Industrial Manager
* Small business entrepreneur (artist supply)

10 years of living, studying and working in the USA + New Zealand, as well as extensive trips to India and other countries to practice and explore various spiritual traditions and ancient wisdom teachings.



Somatic Intelligence

2,5 Day Seminar in Berlin.

Bring about profound change through body awareness and presence.

The training is aimed at coaches, facilitators, trainers as well as therapists – and anyone who works with people.

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