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“What our world might need now is a genuinly new way of leadership with qualities like becoming Still, Sensing and Perceiving – at the top of the list.”


Institute for Facilitation | Berlin

The Institute for Facilitation, SENSING THE ESSENCE, is a collaborative venture co-founded in 2018 by myself and my wonderful colleague Heiner Diepenhorst in the vibrant city of Berlin. Over the years, our institute has become a hub for transformative facilitator programs and workshops, attracting a diverse array of participants from business leaders and HR professionals to individuals from NGOs, theater, and the educational sector – to name a few. In 2022, the esteemed Marco Spee and Daniela Mayer joined our dedicated team, taking the reins of our flagship program, the facilitator and team coaching training.

At the heart of our institute lies a commitment to pioneering a new approach to economy and collaboration in the business world, commonly referred to as New Work. Embracing a holistic, radically open methodology, we navigate the uncharted territories of co-creative collaboration, fostering authenticity, confidence, attentiveness, and love in addressing the inherent uncertainties within ourselves and the teams we support.

A Beautiful Video about our Flagship Program made by Agata Welz

Dear to My Heart

The Institute holds a special place in my heart, driven by the conviction that a new paradigm of togetherness is imperative not only in the workplace but in all aspects of life. We advocate for an inclusive, compassionate, and respectful coexistence, anchored in deep listening, stillness, humor, and appreciation for the rich diversity that surrounds us. If you are seeking a training program that aligns with these values and supports your journey towards a more interconnected, compassionate, and impactful existence, reach out to me or our team.
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(Note: Currently we only offer programs in German, but you can subsribe so you won’t miss once programs in English are up, or reach out if you want me/us to lead a costumized programme/training/workshop in English, for you or your organization.)

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Words of Gratitude

by Former Students

»Today I woke up with the desire to write you a few lines. I feel a deep sense of gratitude to all the people who, through their presence and appreciation, have taught me to pause and recognise the space between the breaths. A magical, infinite expanse that opens hearts and is able to bring the most diverse people together.
Thank you for Sensing the Essence, thank you for your openness, thank you for your touchability and thank you for your humour.«
Daniela Prawdzik | Berlin

»How grateful I am for the Facilitator training,
I was particularly enthusiastic about the possibilities of visualising and experiencing what is not said, what is not consciously perceived, what is nevertheless there between and with members of teams. Because it is often precisely these issues that enable successful cooperation once they have been sensed, considered and resolved.
Sensing the essence, so to speak.
From the beginning I felt: this is exactly the right place for me!«
Michaele Schmelzer | Austria

»Today I suddenly had the answer to the question: “How do you know you’re on the right track?”
Pretty knocked out, tired and overloaded, I started the day with more input and discussion. Instead of exhausting me further, it energised me. A clear feeling arose:
I want to continue here!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart to Gabriella and Heiner for making this and so much more possible!«
Rönke von der Heide | Hamburg